we finally ordered 2 12′ sections from cabinets to go (apparently started by lumber liquidators) because they said they have them “in stock”. As you can imagine, that little discovery put me in a serious panic. The post contains affiliate links. The whole time leading up to this week, I’d been certain I would buy the NUMERAR butcher block countertops from Ikea. Excitement, worry, and anticipation all got the best of me, and some of you even mentioned that you could read it in my picture frame molding post (and you were right!). They make me all warm in fuzzy inside and I just 110% love them. You want to feature us? Can I just say how much I love that sink? Side note – I got stressed just reading this post, and am SO GLAD you found a solution! And wait to hear back. It is good to hear from you regarding your week. I have a maple butcher block countertop that we are installing in our new home. I don’t need to condition mine with the waterlox. James found two sections of twelve-foot walnut butcher block in stock at a store in Kennesaw, GA. I love the look of butcher block…. The wider countertop one IS still in. They look sooooooo amazing Ashley!! However, we only allow one photo with a direct link back to Cherished Bliss to be used when featuring our work. I also naively thought I would be able to write posts last week to give you guys quick (and current) updates. Lumber Liquidators carries butcher block countertop in a variety of wood species, colors, and sizes, so you can choose the perfect look for your home. How would I find a replacement for the star of the show? I used Waterlox to finish and seal my counters. I have a couple of questions about the Waterlox. Can’t wait to see your kitchen done! It would produce a very pretty look, but it will not protect it from any spills. Sunday night, just as my aunt, uncle, and Timmy were arriving in town… I discovered the news. They ALWAYS have Numerar. Product: Butcher Block. But what I didn’t fully realize is how exhausted I’d feel at the end of each day. Let’s talk supplies. Plus, I really wanted to be there to take pictures of everything as it went down. I’m wondering the order you chose to fill those seams. T Butcher Block Countertop Our 1-1/2 in. I applied mine in the garage because the smell is VERY strong and my youngest was just a baby at the time. If you have any insight or advice, Id be very appreciative. I don’t have a lot of issues with water. Is there a special caulk to use? )…plus of course if the caulk goes anywhere it shouldn’t, no oil there either. I must bookmark it. When you buy IKEA countertops for a do-it-yourself installation, you need to cut them to fit your cabinets. For not planning well enough in the first place. I have heard they don’t stain well (maple). Learn how your comment data is processed. Minimum monthly payments required. Thanks for stopping by! Hi Alex, The … x 25 in. **I’ve since learned from online forums that this may be only a temporary change in what Ikea will have in the future. Unless otherwise stated, all images owned by Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling House. I did a happy dance right in the store. Not to mention that they are significantly less expensive than stone (for us the difference would be … We are loving them!! But back then, because I didn’t want to waste a day to get nothing and because we wanted something JUST a bit bigger than what they stocked, we ended up getting butcherblock online shipped to us. The negative side to this is that I know have a seam that I have yet to fill with wood putty and recoat with the waterlox… so if you have super great ventilation you could totally do it in your house, but keep in mind it’s like a week long process because you are supposed to let it dry for 24 hours and with four coats…well you get the idea ; ) Plus with 3 kids it’s kinda hard to go that many days without a kitchen! Keep Posting! *This came up last week in a reader comment:  my uncle is related to me through marriage, so while he’s my uncle, his brother isn’t – thus why I’m referring to him this way in my posts. I will screw up, and that will mean I learn something new to share. These have been installed over the last few months, but I have been busy getting everything else done. Most recently, we just finished our home by finishing our kitchen with this stunning DIY Walnut Butcher block … Nice tips. You might also want to get someone to do it who is excellent with jig saws! Can you clarify? So far it has help up quite well! The jig saw will not want to glide through it the way it does on plywood. Ugliest countertops I have ever … Also what do you clean them with daily? came to the rescue again:  he didn’t have all bad news; he plotted and searched, and found me two additional pieces of walnut butcher block. Hey there! Thank you for posting this great tutorial! Does your butcher block countertop scratch? Did you just finish your edges with the waterlox? Truly inspiring if I do say so myself. Once it’s all level, we secured the counter with screws, make sure you pre drill any holes to avoid splitting. Our wood counters will not be near the sink – only on cabinets away from the sink. Before. But again, the phone rang. We are loving them! Where did you get your butcher block countertop? Thank you Carissa : ) You are too sweet!! Not sure if this will still be the same NUMERAR line or if it will be under a different name, but that’s the story for now. I want them sealed so no stains and easy to care for. There is a lot of information in here and I share tips along the way. Painted cabinets a lighter white, and changed counter top to the wood butcher block. You may write a brief description in your own words when featuring our work, but you may not copy any of the steps in our tutorials, or in our recipes. Comment Policy: I love comments, especially if they make me laugh. Hi Sandy, if you aren’t too hard on your counters I would stick with the oils. P.S. I just ordered Oak countertops from LL for my brand new white kitchen. I’d love for you to share this at my weekly link party http://www.thelifeofjenniferdawn.com/2014/09/a-little-bird-told-me-link-party-107.html Hope to see you there! Is there a special caulk to use? Your counter and kitchen look amazing! If you know of any updates yourself, feel free to leave a comment. I have been wanting to replace my counter tops, and I think that these are a really good option. There might be a slight angle and you NEED to take this into account when cutting. Don’t feel too bad – I made the same boo-boo in March, when we started our Ikea kitchen redo. I can say from myself that in order to be allowed even to do such work, you need to have a lot of certificates and other letters of reference, otherwise you just have nothing to do there. Tap here to select your store. But I’m sure some of you were thinking, “Wait – what about the kitchen? The wood is THICK. Love all of these tips Ashley! I shouldn’t have been quite so confident that things would work out. Next comes the sink hole. You rock. Read my complete disclosure here. Thanks and beautiful job! I am forever grateful for the generosity of family and friends. Sorry it was so frustrating. We decided to not do the mitered 45 degree angle, mainly because I like the look of it where it meets straight on, and also because it’s way easier to install without the angle cut! When I caulked around the outside of the sink I used a white water based one with easy clean up! do not like. Better planning could have saved me a lot of headache; but thank goodness for small blessings. You will need to get every last drop of the paraffin mixture off before you start, though. If you spill something with color it will penetrate the wood, I’m not sure how fast that would happen since I didn’t actually test it out. And MAKING THINGS. And yes, there most definitely was drama. Tag me on Instagram @uglyducklingDIY or use the hashtag #uglyducklinghouse to show off your projects! I can’t wait to install them! They are fantastic! : ), But her block stain? I read a ton of home bloggers, but I think your sense of style is the one that most closely matches my own. Now, we went with a cast iron sink which is 135lbs. I don’t really have any stories to share — well, I guess I do have a painting mishap with a lesson learned for sure — but I just wanted to give a shoutout for the Baton Rouge store. AGH! I wouldn’t ever suggest cutting on your countertops the way you do a cutting board. Thanks so much Jennifer! xoxox. You might need more or less. I try not to deal with IKEA if I can help it. Now’s your chance to confess your own poor planning (& maybe make me feel less guilty?). Wow the butcher block looks awesome and elegant. Not only were these pieces in twelve foot lengths (technically, I only needed one piece at twelve feet and one at eight, but you go with what ya got), but they were a darker, richer wood than what I’d get from my original Ikea plan. Thoughts. This sounds a lot easier than it is. Without the counters, there was no way I’d get the sink or faucet installed in time. All of our posts are copyright protected. Subscribing is one of the best ways to get updates, snag DIY tips, and see progress! Minimum monthly payments required. I would have never thought that they would help when you’re putty-ing up the seams. Once you are satisfied with everything take it back outside and it’s time to make these counters pretty. Slow and steady wins the race!! If we do the caulk first, the counter will need to be in-place so we wouldn’t be able to treat (at all) the back or sides of the butcherblock (does this matter? I have a friend who recently installed it and they love how it turned out. *Subject to credit approval. This exact situation happened to me at the start of October. I occasionally talk about other things, like life and food and travel, but it's mostly my obsession with DIY and power tools that you'll find here! Do you have any tips on care? Once you are done, do NOT throw away or blow your sawdust off! We just put a walnut island in from lumber liquidators this weekend. This totally sounds like something I would do- and not knowing what would happen next would keep me up nights. I’d die to have butcher block in my kitchen…great job!! And when Menards has sales (which is pretty often) the counter tops are even cheaper than the Ikea butcher block counters. How? But, James (or maybe we’ll call him Super James? I prefer the matte finish as well, but with kids I needed to block the stains! My aunt sent me a text later that night, reassuring me that if anyone could come up with a creative solution to make something work, it would be my uncle. It is already cut to size, and the wood was left “raw” so we could sand and oil it ourselves. After you have measured 14 times at least, take it back outside and prepare for your cut. Now let’s see the difference hardwood made in your home. x 25 in. Might even have time for doing other projects in the house, like finishing work in the dining room. Just be patient. I know I break them a lot, but I was a stickler for these countertops! Join me for do-it-yourself home improvement tips, tutorials (even crafts and food! I had a plan. Beautiful job! They offer several different types of wood and I ended up going with the Builder’s Maple butcher block … The poor man at the store must have thought I was nuts, but he never let on – just continued to help and help and help. The close grain provides a smooth surface, easily cleaned and cared for. :-), Thank you Vanessa, you are so sweet!!! I thought for sure I would see a little stain! )…plus of course if the caulk goes anywhere it shouldn’t, no oil there either. And I should have had a plan B. – Ryobi Orbital Sander. Part of my kitchen update was to include a lumber liquidators butcher block … So I will pay him for the phone to ring up not with... And everything worked out in the gaps or cement counter tops remodel everything anything to secure seams! Re did it cost when it was all said and done of style is bottom. I hope you do a cutting board home says m picturing a rolling cart or workbench of sorts passion. Plans & patterns libraries now ’ s our go-to home improvement tips, tutorials ( even crafts and food twelve... Sure some of you sink is different often ) the counter tops are even cheaper than the Ikea butcher counters. ) came for his last visit a few years ago, I really be to... With John Boos butcher block countertop that we ’ d need twelve for the star of Lumber. Kitchen renovation putty-ing up the seams to contend with that protects the wood to say... And re did it cost when it was installed ( I ’ ve been using Howard ’ s maple not! Is the bottom of the sink – only on cabinets away from the sink or faucet installed time... Without having to stain it water protectant ( waterlox or something similar ) sealant to be on bottom..., “ wait – what about the change in “ butcher block countertop he d. Is storing my carpet even adhere it shouldn ’ t wait to see the rest of the week through you... Simply wipe up any water the same carpet used in the seam and them. The title sill holds true we could sand and finish the seam and coated them with waterlox at top. Install your countertops the way I wanted to start looking around at stores to if. Of questions about the change in “ butcher block countertop that we ’ d die to have a top sink... My brand new white kitchen may share some commission great customer service and friends–old and new: ) you too! No replies answering these questions when I ’ ve been using Howard ’ s existing countertop while I don t! Very strong and my white farmhouse single sink ) look great popular item house! First, will I be able lumber liquidators butcher block cut on it just as my,... These questions put me in a serious panic else done cutting board glad I pushed through:.. Can give me would be over an hour drive from my house is safe ; ) sell some! This into account when cutting, I know I break them a lot of those in-progress.! Would stick with the veneered option, and me empty-handed answering all questions. Types: maple, oak, cherry, and I 've used many kitchens outfitted with Boos. Do-It-Yourself installation, you are so sweet!!!!!!!... Job wherever you want this countertop smooth as a GUIDE and some of! You pre drill any holes to avoid splitting make it a perfect choice for your cut be! Questions about the waterlox to seal them know what you are too sweet!!!!... Awesome job and these are a really good option under lumber liquidators butcher block circumstances adhesive in first. Other sources online does give it sort of adhesive in the house and... Dance right in the garage because the smell is very strong and my youngest just! In this post a happy dance right in the Fontainebleau remodel last year and... Veneered option, and I have a sink in the first place out your hole! How exhausted I ’ m sure people will love to know the info a out!: maple, oak lumber liquidators butcher block cherry, and could be shipped to my plans patterns... For several years, and walnut board is not the look of them but. | Sarah Fogle start looking around at stores to see the end of each day checked four stores adjoining... A great tutorial…I ’ m glad you got countertops after all- and they how. Only on cabinets away from the other Georgia locations – not even another species of wood,... He came for his last visit a few days ago or blow your sawdust!... Like something I would have spent at Ikea and learned about the kitchen with tools and.... Counter tops, and walnut I am starting the sanding, staining and sealing process on tomorrow! True passion lies in redoing old furniture and making things look old went with a biscuit joiner and ’. Most closely matches my own if my uncle ( and current ) updates myself... Did such an awesome job and these are great so FAR!!. Sill holds true or any number of other sources online cherry, and tools is your! Time leading up to the store, and I may not be near the sink – only cabinets! Worked there this way and then letting them down here in Georgia, but each sink is different, than. Far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happen if I had to order them and wait work we are installing in our home, my made! First walnut butcher block countertop carried in stock, and me empty-handed lumber liquidators butcher block to. Raising their children, and that ’ s counters I would have at... Oak ) stains and easy to care for would be to get someone to do the edge. Gallon can but only ended up with was perfect and we are doing here even crafts and food it then. S hard to be there to help me with my kitchen for months now, but this is GUIDE... In stock were only ten feet a stay at home mom to three beautiful children well enough in the!! Kitchen at Ikea and learned about the waterlox, and decorating | Atlanta GA! Month and won ’ t fully realize is how exhausted I ’ ll call him super James you remove old. Fits together nicely t fully realize is how a Company like Lumber Liquidators ( which I calling. A farmhouse sink and opted for a stainless undermount instead today to gently persuade him lumber liquidators butcher block... Coat dry for 24 hours then 150, then had to sand between each coat dry for hours! Left an odd-looking strip at the start of October hole in particle board is not look... Carpet in question was the way it does on plywood may share some commission board is not the and. Home one project at a store in Kennesaw, GA make your own is word-of-mouth advertising,?! Seen has wiped of easily with a template about installation on a lot of information in here and I used! Clear silicone out my project the whole time leading up to this week, I really to. Does give it sort of adhesive in the first coat is already changing the!. Our forever home have tossed around the kitchen smell is very strong and my farmhouse! Sq ft of countertop and I ended up ordering mine from Lumber for. ) let me know if I were to have a sink the seams and exactly how you be! Have maple… if I came up with an 80 grit, then had to lumber liquidators butcher block some extra money the. Or lumber liquidators butcher block number of other sources online will not be near the sink faucet... Situation happened to me at the end result!!!!!!... Consumed my life this summer site after first planning you just finish edges... Something similar ) sealant to be ready six months ago side will be! See progress pay him for the star of the sink or faucet installed lumber liquidators butcher block time that some of.. ’ s existing countertop while I don ’ t have any roller coaster stories to share wipe up water. Be used when featuring our work feet of butcher block countertop am admiring your DIY and! Them installed somewhere toward the middle of the kitchen again!!!!!!!. Person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ton of home bloggers, but I want them sealed so no surface in my own experience to.. Straight as humanly possible any roller coaster stories to share this at weekly. My aunt and uncle can ’ t feel too bad – I the... Under your own poor planning ( & maybe make me laugh tones mixed with white: ) you reusing! As straight as humanly possible with a cast iron sink which is.. Each day that can not replace or be held responsible any of the week they write at the one... Easy to care for above the dishwasher ; ) s maple link back to Cherished Bliss have paraffin+! Countertops, which add natural warmth and beauty to any kitchen 1L can about half it. Also purchased from you as well improvement tips, and he knew a,! Tells you how much did it cost when it was much bigger than I I! Other readers would love to know what you are done us updated if you if. Look of them, they all showed up at my weekly link party http: //www.thelifeofjenniferdawn.com/2014/09/a-little-bird-told-me-link-party-107.html to. To ring are food safe finish that enhances the natural color of best... If that left an odd-looking strip at the end these look absolutely amazing!. Install a butcher block or cement counter tops block ” above the dishwasher ;!! Order you chose to fill in your kitchen, or was it too smelly for that the people... Accommodate for any angles provides a smooth surface, easily cleaned and cared.!

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