Welding process ship repair at floating dry dock in shipyard

Dry Docking Husbandry Agency

Two different countries, Two different vessel's types

Another hot beginning of the year with two vessels needing our Port & Husbandry Agency Services during their special surveys in dry dock. Two different types of vessels from two different European countries. One Handysize dry bulk vessel from a prominent Greek shipowner and one MR2 tanker vessel from one of the biggest German ship managers at the moment. Our team was responsible for all necessary pre-arrival documentation, safe harbor towing services as well as crew Changes of all crew members onboard the vessels.

Crew Changes

Since the global pandemic started, crewing departments worldwide have struggled to facilitate crew change. The percentage of seafarers onboard vessels beyond the expiry of their contract may have decreased with today’s portrait of the pandemic, however underlying problems continue to plague crew change. Whether crew members are vaccinated or not, the fact that some vaccines are not recognized in all countries, shortened vaccine validity, the number of days required for quarantine, and delays leave seafarers unable to make the journey home, consequently creating mental health problems. Fast Immigration Clearance procedures in all ports and smoother procedures for the on/off signing of crew members have become vital for their mental health.

Spare Parts Transportation

The global transportation crisis with increased costs and continuous delays has evolved into a great challenge for all logistic networks. Ships cannot wait for individual shipments to arrive as the docking and follow-up costs of a waiting ship are immense. Greece, an EU country, standing on the crossroad of three continents has the benefit of being in a unique geographical position with extremely fast connections, road transport from Europe, and Customs Free Zones. That is why we at Karval we are able to provide fast and reliable customs clearance and transportation of all spare parts onboard the vessel which was a key point for the successful operation of all the works onboard the vessels. Thanks to our trucks and our large storage capabilities we could keep under our covered warehouse all sensitive equipment until the respective repair teams requested same to be transported onboard.