Husbandry Services- Karval Shipping Agency Experts

Karval Shipping Agency is a reliable professional ship-husbandry service provider at major Greek ports. We offer a wide range of services to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of vessels during their port calls. These services are handled by dedicated husbandry agents specializing in non-cargo matters related to the ship.

Some of the main husbandry services offered include:

Hospitality arrangements: Assisting with hotel bookings, transportation, and permits for crew members during their stay in port.

Financial services: Facilitating cash-to-master transactions, ensuring that the ship’s financial needs are met.

Medical appointments: Coordinating medical assistance for crew members, including arranging appointments with local healthcare providers.

Mobs/demobs: Handling crew changes and providing support during crew transitions.

Documentation services: Assisting with the procurement of shore passes, visa applications, and letters of invitation for crew members.

Ship spare sourcing and delivery: Procuring and delivering necessary spare parts promptly.

Bunkering: Arranging the supply of fuel and lubricants for the vessel.

Ship and equipment repairs: Coordinating repairs and maintenance services for the ship and its equipment.

Underwater inspections: Arranging for commercial dive companies to conduct inspections and maintenance of the hull and rigging.

Towing service: Assisting with towing operations, if required.

Survey arrangements: Facilitating any type of survey needed for the vessel.

Choosing Karval Shipping Agency’s husbandry services offers several advantages. With our extensive experience and strong connections in the marine sector, we ensure efficient and reliable service delivery. Our agents are available in all Greek ports, making sure that they’re able to help whenever needed. We prioritize protecting our client’s interests and offer cost-effective solutions. By relying on a single point of contact, vessel operators and charterers can save time and money. Karval Shipping Agency’s commitment to professionalism and expertise makes them a trusted choice for maritime stakeholders.

Overall, ship husbandry services provided by Karval Shipping Agency encompass various essential tasks to maintain vessels, comply with regulations, and ensure smooth port operations.

Electricity demand for future ships –a power shock for ports

Increasingly, ports are under pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of vessels calling at their berths, and that means utilizing shoreside power.

While most operational efficiencies can only be achieved on ships themselves, away from ports, shore-based power can be highly efficient if ports accept their new role as green energy generators.

This is one of the best examples of high-performing shore power in California’s ports, which have strict regulations to reduce at-berth emissions. “Berth regulations at all California ports have driven the increased implementation of shore power systems,” Zabel said. Wärtsilä has installed its container shore power solution more than 150 times in California’s ports to connect cargo ships to local power sources.

To reduce emissions in its ports and cities, the Chinese government is also promoting shore power solutions. In 2019, China mandated that new domestic vessels be equipped with shore power. Europe will soon tighten its port regulations concerning emissions, accelerating the widespread adoption of shore connection systems, according to Zabel.