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Great start for Karval Shipping Agency

Another great year has started for our Husbandry Agency where repeating clients trust us with our services all aroung Greece.

Husbandry Agency & Crew change services on behalf of the owners of a German owned MR2 tanker, while a commercial voyage at the Port of Agioi Theodoroi were offered from our team.

In addition, numerous incoming shipments of spare parts including BWTS equipment as well as Main Engine spare parts were handled from our Customs & Warehouse department in order to ensure the smooth and fast delivery at the shipyard area, before the vessel’s arrival for her special survey in Syros area.

Finally, IWS and Hull Condition survey on behalf of a major Singapore basead client were carried out within a day at Piraeus anchorage area as a pre purchase inspection.

Piraeus Port welcomes Viking Sky, the first Cruise ship of 2023

PA S.A. officially welcomed Viking Sky, the first cruise ship for the new year, organizing a special event including a plaque exchange and Christmas treats as passengers disembarked at the Cruise Terminal.

In 2023, Viking Cruises’ annual schedule predicts 12 more arrivals (homeports), with occupancy rates exceeding 85%. As a result of bookings’ data, 35 additional liners cruise ship arrivals are expected at the port of Piraeus in 2023, indicating a significant growth rate of 13%.


According to the pre-booking data, the cruise industry at the port of Piraeus has seen momentum this year, since 786 arrivals are expected, up 16% from last year. The arrivals growth rate has already exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 2022. In addition, homeport arrivals are expected to increase by approximately 5% from last year, while in 2022, homeport arrivals increased by more than 30% compared to 2019.

The Deputy Managing Director of PPA S.A. Capt. Jin Beiyuan, expressed his satisfaction with the dynamic course of the cruise in the Port of Piraeus, indicating that it is the result of a combination of systematic and targeted work, significant investments, upgrading, and modernization projects, and the country’s and port’s importance. PPA SA is committed to maintaining the excellent course of the cruise industry, as it benefits all involved parties, including the local community, the port municipalities, Attica, and the country as a whole.

MV Viking Sky is a cruise ship that was launched in 2016 and entered service in 2017. It was operated by Viking Ocean Cruises. Viking Sky is one of the cruise ships that were built by Fincantieri in Ancona, Italy, for Viking Ocean Cruises. In 2019, it’s one of the five sister ships in operation (Viking Star, Viking Sea, Viking Sun, Viking Orion, and Viking Jupiter), one under construction (Viking Venus), five on order (Viking Tellus, and four yet unnamed vessels) and four more planned with deliveries spanning to 2027. The ship was originally planned to set sail in 2016 as Viking Sea, but delivery was delayed until 2017.


Except for Viking Cruises, other major cruise ship operators such as MSC Cruises have shown great interest in homeporting at Piraeus. Already since 2022, MSC Lirica was using Piraeus Port as homeport for her 7-night cruise in the East Mediterranean region calling Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and of course the Greek islands.

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Hull cleaning and propeller polishing


Greece’s crystal clear waters are not beneficial only to the visiting tourists but also to the trading vessels in our region. Numerous cases also in November with In Water Surveys (IWS) with the presence of Classification Societies as well as Underwater Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing services were carried out in different anchorage areas around Greece. Our diving teams are well equipped to carry out within one full day all necessary services, subject vessel’s hull condition, even to larger Suezmax tanker vessels. Detailed reporting is provided to all concerned parties and our trustful ladies are able to continue their trade on a more efficient way. Let’s keep the charterers happy !


A new report published on November 15th from the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester highlights the major role the shipping sector will play in transporting the green fuels necessary to meet global climate goals. The report provides insights on the implications for the shipping sector of different global energy scenarios pushing to limit global temperature rise to 1.5˚C, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and the opportunities for shipping to support the global low carbon transition.

To achieve the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals, the authors identify low-carbon hydrogen and sustainable bioenergy as essential. The study found that government policies, including guaranteed markets and prices for producers and consumers, were hampering investment in the shipping infrastructure needed to support the global energy transition.

According to the International Energy Agency, there is a huge gap between what is planned and what is needed for low-carbon hydrogen by 2030: already-announced projects will only produce 24 million tonnes by 2030. Only 4% of these projects have reached a final investment decision. Government policies must be strengthened to give low-carbon hydrogen producers, shippers, and consumers the confidence they need to invest. According to the report’s co-author, Professor Alice Larkin, the shipping sector is crucial in transporting green fuels to meet the Paris climate goals. To meet the Paris goals, we must scale up the production of green fuels. Bioenergy and hydrogen converted into ammonia are transported by shipping during this global energy transition. According to the study, ammonia and bioenergy could be transported by sea in the same way as gas and coal in the future. The green hydrogen supply chain would require around 20 large ammonia carriers every year. Due to the timeline of 2–3 years for building new vessels, shipping industry representatives said they needed certainty about hydrogen production as soon as possible. According to the report, governments should send “stronger market signals” to the shipping industry to reduce the fear of new ships not being used to transport low-carbon fuels. The International Chamber of Shipping commissioned and welcomed the report. In its report, the Tyndall Centre identified several ways that government policy can be made more effective at enabling investment. It may be necessary to create mandatory mandates for increasing the percentage of green hydrogen, to create production credits for hydrogen production, or to provide producers and consumers with guaranteed markets and prices. USA, Germany, and India have already tested such measures.

The International Chamber of Shipping Secretary General Guy Platten said: “The shipping industry knows it has a crucial role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades. Governments must develop much stronger policies to de-risk green hydrogen production before we invest. Both imports and exports of hydrogen must be supported by national hydrogen strategies. Despite the industry’s readiness, stronger market signals and infrastructure investment are urgently needed to make this happen. If the shipping sector can energize faster growth in sustainable fuels, it will be playing a pioneering role in closing the gap between grand theoretical plans and a real-world fit for future generations.

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Indian – Owned Suezmax appoints us as husbandry agent


For the last 35 years, we are proud to offer diversified Husbandry Agency services to major international shipowners & ship managers while always over-delivering based on our promised services. The fall season started extremely active for our Agency with offered services in different ports around Greece. The largest Indian-based shipowner has appointed our Agency to be by their side for all services during a major engineering repair in Eleusis Port. Furthermore, another Greek shipowner, currently based in Germany, entrusted our Underwater services as well as Spare Parts & Bond Stores supplies at Piraeus Anchorage which were completed in less than 48hours.


KARVAL SHIPPING AGENCY joins for the first time the 30th SMM Hamburg international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, Germany from 6 – 9 of September at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. We were excited to meet with our customers and peers and share information about our latest products and services. With over 30,000 visitors from over 100 nations, it was the first opportunity for 2,000 exhibitors, representing all technology areas in the maritime industry, to meet in person again after a long period of pandemic restrictions. All the participants and visitors from the maritime industry were interested in Identifying and addressing complex challenges, introducing groundbreaking innovations and finally to network, seek cooperation and forge alliances. That was the reason why our exceptional business development team was there to elaborate on all these subjects with numerous German and International clients as well as to interpret on the abundant opportunities that arise in the Greek region. KARVAL SHIPPING AGENCY continuously expands to many locations around Greece to satisfy the needs of its customers on the most reliable, transparent and trust-full way possible.

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Top Cyprus Shipmanagement company nominates us for husbandry agent


Due to the technical orientation of our sister company CARELL since the mid-50s’, we have been heavily focused on being the only Port Agency in Greece, specializing in supporting the Owners’ side during Ship Repairs and Dry Docking Projects. Our deep technical knowledge under the same management roof gives us a competitive advantage during the hectic and unexpected circumstances of the repair projects. Prioritization and proper planning can protect tremendously owners’ interests and avoid extra costs. This month, we managed to undertake under our agency two (2) major Dry Docking projects in Syros island, three (3) Afloat Repair projects in Piraeus & Eleusis area and five (5) transit calls at Piraeus anchorage.


During Maritime Cyprus Conference 2022, at one of the most insightful panels for “Collaborating Towards Greener Shipping” moderated by Mr. Julian Bray, Editor-in-Chief of TradeWinds, and presented by Mr. George Wells, Global Head Assets & Structuring, Cargill International SA, Mr. Nikolaus H. Schües, President Designate, BIMCO, Mr. Claes Berglund, immediate Past President ECSA, and Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg, Vice President, Cyprus Shipping Chamber, and CEO, Internship Navigation Co. Ltd. Mr. Nikolaus H. Schües pointed out that the cost of decarbonization would not be achieved alone while Mr. George Wells emphasized that the whole entire supply chain should bear the transition cost. Furthermore, a thorough discussion was carried out on what the next green fuel will be and Mr. Berglund responded by discussing the benefits and the regulatory trajectory of LNG as a fuel.


As one of the most carbon-efficient modes of commercial transport, shipping respects international and regional environmental targets and also the urgency of protecting the marine environment. However, serious issues hinder the shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts, as the targets are nearing. The shipping industry should focus on marine technology research and innovation to address the knowledge gap and global challenges, including climate change and sustainable development, as well as reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Developing alternative fuels and intelligent digital solutions is essential to shipping’s green transition. To transform the shipping industry and enhance business processes, new technologies will be developed through automation and digitization, utilizing shipping big data from ship operations. As a result of these new technologies, shipping operations can be more efficient and safer, ship designs can be improved in the future, and environmental performance can be increased. The above complexities involving shipping’s successful and safe transition to a “greener era” calls for a mixture of synergies among the public and private sectors, academia, and a call for private and public funding, to facilitate investment in developing the required green shipping technologies. Shipping’s green transition also requires a unified industry “voice” among shipping stakeholders such as shipowners, fuel producers, engine manufacturers, shipyards, and port operators, to meet the new regulations and improve operating efficiencies.


Peak summer time for Karval Agency

Summertime has been more than positively overwhelming for our Port Agency

We acted as Protective Agents for numerous projects starting from an LPG carrier during a major mechanical engineering repair, two dry bulk carriers from Cyprus-based ship management companies that carried out their special surveys in Greece as well as more than five “Transit” calls in Piraeus and Neapoli areas for Bunkering & Provisions supplies.

We keep expanding into new ports all around Greece to better serve our clients.

With congestion easing at key ports in the U.S., this problem remains a major concern in other parts of the world, especially Europe.

The congestion at many European ports has reached critical levels, and with that not being enough, major European Terminals are witnessing reduced productivity, mostly caused by labor shortages.

A statement by Hapag Lloyd read that congestion at two French ports had reached critical levels, therefore a congestion surcharge is to come into effect.

Very high yard densities at North European container terminals and inland transport bottlenecks are aggravating port congestion problems in the trade between the Far East and North Europe. Container ships deployed on this route currently need on average 101 days to complete a full round voyage.

At Antwerp’s port, although operations remain stable, the holiday season has resulted in a reduction in labor availability. Most of the storage at the port is occupied, as the average yard utilization stands at 80 percent. ECT, Rotterdam, has similar conditions, with yard space up to 85 percent full and reefers at 100 percent plug utilization. The pick-up rate has improved for transshipment and import cargo, despite long dwell times.

At some ports and terminals, the peak has passed, however, there is still a lot of port congestion in the UK. With the congestion at ports taking its toll on the region, in many parts of Europe, limited trucking availability has clogged the movement of goods.

Welding process ship repair at floating dry dock in shipyard

US Dry Bulk Company Trusts KARVAL Shipping Agency

Dry bulk freight market frenziness has slowed down a bit during the last month and this allowed a US-based shipping company to entrust us as their Husbandry Agents during her call in Piraeus, Greece. From formalities clearance, spare parts handling as well as specialists visiting the vessel on board were handled in smooth and fast coordination with the managers’ operations and technical team. So nice to have international partners in our area!

Container Market: A more chaotic peak season this year?

According to the Container xChange survey, 51% expect the third-quarter peak season in 2022 to be worse, 26% expect it to be less chaotic, and 22% expect it to be about the same. Encountering another disrupted year, following the pandemic’s damage to the container market, the container line reliability dropped even further in the first quarter of 2022. With China’s lockdowns, it has become strenuous to produce / ship as much product as planned. This is more evidence of growing concerns that the release of lockdowns in China may surge exports, further disrupting supply chains to Europe and North America. When the lockdown rules get eased and truckers are allowed to return to work, the backlogs will arrive at the same time as peak season orders, which could lead to supply chain congestion at ports in Europe and the US. However, there is little indication thus far that China is willing to compromise health policy to boost trade.

Welding process ship repair at floating dry dock in shipyard

Cruise Vessel Reactivation Procedure

Cruise sector has definitely been hit the most during the two year pandemic era.Nevertheless, we were privileged to act as Husbandry Agent for a German owner during the reactivation of a laid up cruise vessel lady. Our team was responsible to bring on board all new crew members, present all necessary formalities to local Port Authorities and the vessel’s Classification Society in regards to the vessel’s reactivation as well as to arrange the smooth transport of all necessary equipment on board the vessel. In addition, we got them full package of bond stores and provisions for their first months on board the vessel. What a great project for all parties involved and we can’t wait for the next cruise vessel lady next winter to welcome her for a nice winter time at the Meditteranean sea.

In the wake of a war

The war in Ukraine has delivered a shock to global energy markets with the planet facing a deeper crisis: a shortage of food. Prices for food, fertilizer, oil, gas, and even metals like aluminum, nickel, and palladium are all rising fast, and experts expect worse as the effects cascade. While a crucial portion of the world’s wheat, corn, and barley is trapped in Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian government has already warned that the country’s planting and harvest have already been severely disrupted by the war. European fertilizer plants are significantly cutting production because of high energy prices and farmers are cutting back on fertilizer, threatening the size of the next harvests. With that not being enough, the ICS has warned that the supply chain disruptions are set to be worsened by a shortfall in shipping crew due to the war. The ongoing war has the shipping industry bracing for new shocks to its labor force which relies on experienced crew from both countries. Ukrainian and Russian seafarers account for 15% of the global shipping workforce. To maintain this unfettered trade, seafarers must be able to join and disembark ships (crew change) freely across the world. However, flights have been canceled to and from the region, making this increasingly difficult. Several crew members have already abandoned their ships due to security worries and others to reunite with their families or fight for their country.

Welding process ship repair at floating dry dock in shipyard

Dry Docking Husbandry Agency

Two different countries, Two different vessel's types

Another hot beginning of the year with two vessels needing our Port & Husbandry Agency Services during their special surveys in dry dock. Two different types of vessels from two different European countries. One Handysize dry bulk vessel from a prominent Greek shipowner and one MR2 tanker vessel from one of the biggest German ship managers at the moment. Our team was responsible for all necessary pre-arrival documentation, safe harbor towing services as well as crew Changes of all crew members onboard the vessels.

Crew Changes

Since the global pandemic started, crewing departments worldwide have struggled to facilitate crew change. The percentage of seafarers onboard vessels beyond the expiry of their contract may have decreased with today’s portrait of the pandemic, however underlying problems continue to plague crew change. Whether crew members are vaccinated or not, the fact that some vaccines are not recognized in all countries, shortened vaccine validity, the number of days required for quarantine, and delays leave seafarers unable to make the journey home, consequently creating mental health problems. Fast Immigration Clearance procedures in all ports and smoother procedures for the on/off signing of crew members have become vital for their mental health.

Spare Parts Transportation

The global transportation crisis with increased costs and continuous delays has evolved into a great challenge for all logistic networks. Ships cannot wait for individual shipments to arrive as the docking and follow-up costs of a waiting ship are immense. Greece, an EU country, standing on the crossroad of three continents has the benefit of being in a unique geographical position with extremely fast connections, road transport from Europe, and Customs Free Zones. That is why we at Karval we are able to provide fast and reliable customs clearance and transportation of all spare parts onboard the vessel which was a key point for the successful operation of all the works onboard the vessels. Thanks to our trucks and our large storage capabilities we could keep under our covered warehouse all sensitive equipment until the respective repair teams requested same to be transported onboard.