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Bunkering Services

A critical operation that requires great coordination and safety measurements for the proper handling of the bunkering services.

Our team is able to undertake all necessary formalities and coordination with the physical bunkering supplier chosen by the owners or charterers’ side and arrange the delivery on board once all procedures have been conducted and reported to the Port & Customs Authorities.

In addition, we are able to provide you with independent Bunkering Surveyors to be on board the vessel during the bunkering operation and take necessary measurements, prepare the respective reporting and take the necessary oil sample.

Also, bunker oil sample analysis can be carried out in certified laboratories in Piraeus, Greece or to be sent abroad on the designated labs of the owners’ or charterers’ desire.

We are supporting the recent IMO regulations towards CO2 emissions’ reduction and we are closing monitoring the renewable fuels updates to keep our clients informed.

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