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Nor-Shipping Exhibition 2023

Nor-Shipping is a prestigious event that has been attracting key players in the maritime industry for nearly 60 years. The event provides a platform for strategic deal-making, networking, and collaboration opportunities for leaders across the entire maritime value chain, including representatives from the press.

One of the primary focuses of Nor-Shipping is sustainable ocean development. The event aims to assist leading maritime players in charting profitable courses into the future while aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The event serves as a showcase for cutting-edge Norwegian and international companies to highlight their innovations that provide a competitive advantage to their customers. Nor-Shipping facilitates the convergence of the maritime, tech, finance, and broader business segments, fostering a platform for mutual learning, forging partnerships, and accessing new economic value-creation opportunities. Delegates and visitors have the opportunity to experience firsthand the products, services, and companies that are driving the new age of ocean industry development.

The European Union funds the Greek port of Alexandroupolis with $26.0m

An investment of 26 million euros has been secured by Greece to upgrade the port of Alexandroupolis in the Northern Aegean Sea. As announced by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), the funds will enhance the port’s facilities and transform it into a regional energy hub. Alexandroupolis, located near Bulgaria and Turkey, has previously been used by the US military to unload and transfer munitions to NATO’s western flank. European energy imports will be able to enter the port through this port. Additionally, a floating gas and regasification unit (FSRU) is being built near the city by Gastrade, which will store and transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe. As Greece and Bulgaria seek to revive a pipeline for transporting crude oil from the port to Burgas, the development is expected to benefit both countries. According to HRADF, EU funds will be used for dredging works and road infrastructure construction. Finally, end of last year, the Greek Government decided to cancel the sale of a 67% stake in Port of Alexandroupolis, citing the port’s strategic, geopolitical, and energy significance for the country, emphasizing the need for its control by the Greek government. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, HRADF noted that the port had gained greater value as a weapons facilitation center

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Indian – Owned Suezmax appoints us as husbandry agent


For the last 35 years, we are proud to offer diversified Husbandry Agency services to major international shipowners & ship managers while always over-delivering based on our promised services. The fall season started extremely active for our Agency with offered services in different ports around Greece. The largest Indian-based shipowner has appointed our Agency to be by their side for all services during a major engineering repair in Eleusis Port. Furthermore, another Greek shipowner, currently based in Germany, entrusted our Underwater services as well as Spare Parts & Bond Stores supplies at Piraeus Anchorage which were completed in less than 48hours.


KARVAL SHIPPING AGENCY joins for the first time the 30th SMM Hamburg international maritime trade fair in Hamburg, Germany from 6 – 9 of September at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. We were excited to meet with our customers and peers and share information about our latest products and services. With over 30,000 visitors from over 100 nations, it was the first opportunity for 2,000 exhibitors, representing all technology areas in the maritime industry, to meet in person again after a long period of pandemic restrictions. All the participants and visitors from the maritime industry were interested in Identifying and addressing complex challenges, introducing groundbreaking innovations and finally to network, seek cooperation and forge alliances. That was the reason why our exceptional business development team was there to elaborate on all these subjects with numerous German and International clients as well as to interpret on the abundant opportunities that arise in the Greek region. KARVAL SHIPPING AGENCY continuously expands to many locations around Greece to satisfy the needs of its customers on the most reliable, transparent and trust-full way possible.

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Top Cyprus Shipmanagement company nominates us for husbandry agent


Due to the technical orientation of our sister company CARELL since the mid-50s’, we have been heavily focused on being the only Port Agency in Greece, specializing in supporting the Owners’ side during Ship Repairs and Dry Docking Projects. Our deep technical knowledge under the same management roof gives us a competitive advantage during the hectic and unexpected circumstances of the repair projects. Prioritization and proper planning can protect tremendously owners’ interests and avoid extra costs. This month, we managed to undertake under our agency two (2) major Dry Docking projects in Syros island, three (3) Afloat Repair projects in Piraeus & Eleusis area and five (5) transit calls at Piraeus anchorage.


During Maritime Cyprus Conference 2022, at one of the most insightful panels for “Collaborating Towards Greener Shipping” moderated by Mr. Julian Bray, Editor-in-Chief of TradeWinds, and presented by Mr. George Wells, Global Head Assets & Structuring, Cargill International SA, Mr. Nikolaus H. Schües, President Designate, BIMCO, Mr. Claes Berglund, immediate Past President ECSA, and Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg, Vice President, Cyprus Shipping Chamber, and CEO, Internship Navigation Co. Ltd. Mr. Nikolaus H. Schües pointed out that the cost of decarbonization would not be achieved alone while Mr. George Wells emphasized that the whole entire supply chain should bear the transition cost. Furthermore, a thorough discussion was carried out on what the next green fuel will be and Mr. Berglund responded by discussing the benefits and the regulatory trajectory of LNG as a fuel.


As one of the most carbon-efficient modes of commercial transport, shipping respects international and regional environmental targets and also the urgency of protecting the marine environment. However, serious issues hinder the shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts, as the targets are nearing. The shipping industry should focus on marine technology research and innovation to address the knowledge gap and global challenges, including climate change and sustainable development, as well as reduce its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Developing alternative fuels and intelligent digital solutions is essential to shipping’s green transition. To transform the shipping industry and enhance business processes, new technologies will be developed through automation and digitization, utilizing shipping big data from ship operations. As a result of these new technologies, shipping operations can be more efficient and safer, ship designs can be improved in the future, and environmental performance can be increased. The above complexities involving shipping’s successful and safe transition to a “greener era” calls for a mixture of synergies among the public and private sectors, academia, and a call for private and public funding, to facilitate investment in developing the required green shipping technologies. Shipping’s green transition also requires a unified industry “voice” among shipping stakeholders such as shipowners, fuel producers, engine manufacturers, shipyards, and port operators, to meet the new regulations and improve operating efficiencies.