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Spare Parts Handling

You are in a very tight schedule and you urgently need to have your ordered spare parts on board, what you do?

Say no more, we are able to Customs Clear and transport the spare parts on board your good vessel on the same day.

Our in house Customs Specialists are able to handle all types of supporting documents from Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route (CMR), Air Way Bill (AWB), Bill of Landing (B/L), T1 or T2L documents. Fast handling and smooth operation are the defining factors to get your ordered items on board the vessel in no time.

With our fully owned transportation means combined with the excellent network of our partners in Greece and in Europe, we are able to transport any type of incoming or outgoing items in every European country by road transport within a week’s time.

Despite our own storage area, we have the capacity to offer open and close storage areas in numerous parts of Greece as well as in Central Europe such as Italy, Spain, Netherlands & Germany.

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