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Storage Services

Whether you need long or short-term storage, we are here to ensure your items are kept safe and secure.

Our Storage & Logistics team can arrange all necessary Customs Clearance procedures to safely handle and clear your spare parts from the Athens International Airport (AIA) or upon their delivery with the road transportation method of your choice.

We have our fully owned fully covered storage area, strategically located next to the biggest container terminal of Greece and the 5th largest in Europe, the Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT).

The crane capacity of the warehouse can handle items up to 20tons while we have numerous forklifts and crane trucks for experienced team of movers can pack and handle all your possessions in the designated storage area on a safely manner.

Despite our own storage area, we have the capacity to offer open and close storage areas in numerous parts of Greece as well as in Central Europe such as Italy, Spain, Netherlands & Germany.

We carefully plan the most cost-effective and efficient storage solution based on your needs, while our. Enjoy the benefits & flexibility you desire by storing your spare parts with KARVAL

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